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We purchased our spa this past spring after talking with my sister and brother-in-law about their hot tub they bought at Island Pool & Spa. We are very pleased with our hot tub and with the helpfulness of Hans and the other staff.

I have used the hot tub almost every night since we had it installed on our back deck. It is relaxing to be in the tub while looking up at the stars. Last night I saw 2 shooting stars – what a treat. A great way to end the day – so relaxing it helps me fall asleep faster.

Tina Place
August 3, 2015

My wife and I were seeking a hot tub but really knew nothing about what to look for, what was needed to prepare for one and the differences between the brands available in our area. We spoke to a few different dealers before deciding to go with Island Pool. From the first phone cal it was obvious that their approach was different – they were patient, willing to answer questions and seemed genuinely interested in helping rather than selling.

We visited their showroom and Hans took the time to go through the features of a few different sizes and options. He recommended ways to get prepared for the tubs delivery and how to make sure the foundation would hold the tub for years to come.

They delivered exactly when they said they would and even sat down with us to go through all the chemicals, procedures and best practices that will keep the tub running smooth.

It was a big decision and one I didn’t want to go at alone. With Island Pool, I feel as though I have someone we can turn to with questions big or small for years to come. A great choice and one I’d highly recommend.

Cary Weston
November 18, 2015


We have been customers of Island Pool and Spa for 20 years, going back to the time they sold to us and serviced for us a 21′ above-ground pool. On Christmas Eve, 2001, I was window shopping for a large hot tub for purchase later that spring. It was about 1 pm that I began my search for that perfect hot tub. While I was looking, Glee Honders, the owner, saw me and steered me towards a smaller, more practical hot tub which she said would not only better meet the needs of our family, but which she could deliver by 3:00 pm that day. True to her word, the men arrived with the new tub, slid it through the gate opening to the backyard with a half-inch to spare on either side, and set it up on the back deck. What tremendous and unexpected surprise it was for the whole family on Christmas morning.

In the ensuing years Glee, Hans, Regina, and the rest of the crew have spared no effort to be sure our swimming pool and hot tub were always operating at peak efficiency. Their advice has always been honest and on target. I might not have liked the answers to some of my questions, but that didn’t stop them from giving me information I needed to have. Because of the constant use our hot tub receives outdoors, even in the frigid January and February days, I am in the store at least once every two weeks to have them test the levels of the chemicals in the hot tub water, which they always do with a smile at at no cost. I listen to how genuinely they interact with their other customers and am just so pleased that our part of the woods has such a caring and professional company taking care of the pool and hot tub needs of the people around here. It is with great pleasure that I talk up to anyone who will listen, the quality of the products and service delivered by Island Pool and Spa.

Steve Johnson
April 15, 2015

My husband and I bought a solar collector for our 18 x 36 pool last year from Island Pool. We are delighted that the temperature of our pool has warmed up from 40 degrees, on April 26th, to 67 degrees on May 12th. It does help to keep the solar blanket on and we don’t run the water through the collector on cloudy days. We let the sun do all the work on sunny days by running the water through the collector. We expect the water temperature to be into the 70s very soon, provided the warm weather continues.

Cheryl McFadden
May 25, 2015

Our family had been in the market for a spa for awhile. We shopped all the big name brands and decided on a Saratoga spa. We couldn’t be happier with our decision, we LOVE it! From the moment we walked into Island Pool & Spa, we were treated with respect. The staff was amazing! We have owned our spa for a while now, and have called Island Pool & Spa with many questions. They are always very friendly and willing to help. I would recommend them to anyone looking for a quality spa and a great company to work with!

Lisa Carter
March 17, 2015

My wife and I have dealt with the folks at Island Pool and Spa for several years now. They not only sell the best products on the market, in our opinion, but they provide the most knowledgable and helpful service and sales people in the business. Glee and Hans have sold us, and serviced, 2 Saratoga Springs hot tubs over the past 8 years and now service and maintain an above ground, inside heated pool for us. They are “johnny on the spot” when the phone rings with an emergency fix or repair and real quick on the other hand to schedule a maintenance/service call for you when needed. Their sales and service techs are very informed, courteous, and friendly whether in store or on site. Without them, we would not be able to enjoy these things without hesitation or concern. Thank you Glee, Hans, Regina, Jim and crew for all your professional service and support over the years. You are the best!! Marty and Carroll, Penobscot, ME

Marty Johnson
March 24, 2015

Hans, owner, and his staff are very friendly and knowledgable. He has faithfully kept my hot tub in great working order for the last five years. Just like the mailman, through snow and cold temperatures he is there to be of service. This year due to a storm and power outage and trees down across the main road, he and his helper walked almost 1/5 of a mile on the icy road and driveway,  pulling his powerful shop vac to close down our hot tub.  We love our small two person hot tub and recommend it as well as Island Pool and Spa in Verona.

Joan Holmberg
January 13, 2016

Island Pool has serviced and maintained our pool for more than a decade. They have always been reliable, responsive and proved to be excellent problem solvers whenever our pool, which they did not install, developed operating problems. Our pool is surrounded by extensive plantings and lawn and they are always careful not to disturb any of the plantings when opening, closing and servicing the pool. They are pleasant to work with and we feel fortunate to have them managing our pool. It is a pleasure to give Island Pool our strongest recommendation.

Tom Richardson
March 2016